How do you put HTML into Instructables?

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Troy_15 years ago

Click the "Source" button in the upper right corner of the edit box to enter HTML code.

khaz Troy_15 years ago
I cannot see the 'Source' button. Has it changed since you wrote this answer?
Troy_1 khaz5 years ago
I attached a screenshot of my computer, Yes it is still there. It is on the far right on the toolbar(the toolbar with bold, underline, hyperlink, paste from word, etc.)
khaz Troy_15 years ago
Now my question may look a little silly...
As the matter with 'Source' button became clear, it prompts another question:
Why I haven't got that many buttons in my editor? (see picture) Is it the linux case?
Troy_1 khaz5 years ago

Linux shouldn't be the problem, I'm running Mac OSX Mountain Lion and it looks exactly the same as on Windows Vista. Your OS shouldn't make any difference.

Troy_1 khaz5 years ago

I just remembered, I won a pro membership, maybe it is part of the pro membership thing?

khaz khaz5 years ago
Another possibility: maybe the reason for so poor 'rich editor' is, that I haven't posted any instructalbe yet?
Troy_1 khaz5 years ago
Here's a better close-up screenshot.
kelseymh8 years ago
Derin (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
There should be a way.That's how the admins put images whereever they want.
kelseymh Derin8 years ago
Staff don't have to go through the regular editor/parser interface.
ReCreate8 years ago
You can not Put HTML in to instructables,Look for the Text formatting Instructable,You can do Quite a bit,Exept for flashing text.