How do you put in clickable links in an Instructable?

I don't know what else to call it, but lets say I wanted to put a link that if you clicked it would take you to that page. I'm in the process of writing my first instructable and many i have seen have this. But I have absolutely no clue how to... Can someone help me out?

I have no clue what category to put this question in too, so ill just pick a random one...

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Link is the correct term (short for hyperlink). On the editor there is an icon for the link function, click it then select 'Insert link' from the drop down option. This will open a dialog box where you can specify the web address (URL) your linking too, as well as a text box to choose how it is worded on the I'ble itself.

Orange robot (author)  ThirdEarthDesign7 months ago

Thanks! Yeah, I was wondering how you can make a word take you to the website rather than putting the URL, so I'm glad you told me about that too.

ThirdEarthDesign's answer gives you how to link a text.

I just select the address of the page in my browser.

Press Ctrl + C on my key board, (Copy).

Go to my Instructable or comment.

Press Ctrl + V on my keyboard, (Paste).

It puts the web address in the Instructable or comment.

And with the cursor at the end of the web address hit enter and it automatically converts the address to a link.

Orange robot (author)  Josehf Murchison7 months ago

Thanks! I figured that would work before I asked this question, but for some reason it didn't...Maybe because I was typing it on mobile?

iceng7 months ago

I reverse swipe the link, right click to copy

Then right click, here and select paste

followed by pressing the return key

And voila in four easy steps.