How do you reheat corn tortillas and make a press for them?

To make corn tortillas, you make the dough, press it out, and cook them on a skillet/griddle.  Tortilla presses are very inexpensive.  You can get them for $10-$20.  Once made, they don't need to be pressed again.

Reheating them depends on what you want to do with them.  Microwave, fry, griddle, oven, etc.  In this house, we tend to put them in the microwave because the microwave is easy and we make a lot of Tex-Mex enchiladas (microwaved, dunked in enchilada sauce and then filled and rolled).  We've also made corn muffins from corn tortillas to use them up or when out of corn meal.
Burf8 years ago
Spritz them individually with a  little bit of water, stack and wrap them in foil and warm in the oven for a few minutes. Good as freshly made tortillas.
For a press, place a dab of masa harina in the bottom of a cool iron skillet and then press with the bottom of another heavy pan that will fit inside the large skillet
We flash them in a dry frying pan for 10 seconds to reheat them. Results seem better than microwaving.
Re-design8 years ago
We warm them on a microwaveable plate with a drop of water between each one and another plate upside down as a cover.  Kinda steams them.