How do you replace the P6 connector on a DS Lite?

While changing the case of my Nintendo DS Lite, I broke the P6 touch screen connector. (I'm not entirely certain how it occurred in the first place, I never even touched the touch screen at all, it just suddenly fell off for no reason whatsoever.) I already have a replacement P6 connector and a soldering iron (as well as all the other necessary tools), and have already unsuccessfully attempted the operation, but I can't for the life or death of me figure out how to get the original one off of the mobo, does anyone have any detailed instructions?

Re-design8 years ago
Here's a link to very good instructions. AS you can see it's very involved and if you'd rather not go that far I've included another link to a DIY work around.


Good luck and I hope you bought one of the $1 parts and not the $28 from digikey!

THe workaround is way down at the bottom.