How do you sand blast empty wine bottles and what type of blaster do I need ?

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petercd3 years ago

A small bench top sand blaster cabinet will help to conserve the blast media, I use garnet, its eco friendly and the dust is easy on my lungs, ie no silicosis lung disease from using beach sand.

Usually the bench top cabinet comes with a blasting gun, but you will need a compressor. If you're on a budget, Id get just the gun and a compressor, small compressor like a DIY 25L tank model means you will have to wait for the compressor to catch up, so go as big as is practical and affordable.

Link to pics http://www.adendorff.co.za/ProductDetails.aspx?id...

prices in South African Rands so divide by 10. :)

Kiteman3 years ago

How many bottles, and how thorough a blast?

If it's just a few, and you just want a translucent surface, just sand it, maybe with a power sander.

Medicnewt17 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

I want to sand blast the whole bottle and lots of bottles.

You know, if budget is an issue, I'd still go with the sander.

If you make a jig* to hold the bottles, and then have at it with a power sander, you should get the results you need.

*Maybe line a length of guttering with scrap fabric and lay a row of bottles in it. Go up and down the gutter with the sander, turning the bottles as required.

I take it you want to sand blast a design into the surface?

Any sand blaster will do what you want. Just a matter of choosing an adequate grit of sand and regulating the air pressure so you don't destroy the bottle.

Medicnewt17 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

I want to sand blast the whole bottle

Any sand blaster will do. You can get them cheap. The part that costs a lot is the air compressor. You'll need a good sized compressor to keep things going since a sand blaster can drain it quick. You may find you have to stop after a couple of bottles and let the air tank refill.