How do you seduce a guy?

I know it's weird to ask I was just wonderin. And just please be serious when answering.

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seandogue8 years ago
seandogue8 years ago
In my long experiance of being a guy, if your hott (or pretty, or whatever u like to call yourself) Seduceing a man is a matter of showing some skin. O and shave. cuz u can get al the way there but if ur not clean shaven theyll prob run the hell outta there.
Clean-shaven is your hangup, fella. Not everyone cares.
But on the chance that they do wouldnt it be nice to be shaven?
Obviously you haven't been married yet.  Married couples rarely care about sex after the first year, much less whether the other has shaved.
im a tad bit young for that.

Then you mightve seduced the wrong guy lol

acidbass8 years ago
dont act like a sex call operater

Hairy woman part is the worst turn off. I mean the since shes "Seducing" a guy, he might not nessecarily want to on normal terms so that might snap him out of her spell.

Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Re-design8 years ago
I don't understand you line of questioning.  One you asked was why boys were so horny all the time and now how to seduce a guy.  I would have thought you had this one answered alreadly.
 I suspect that muddingirl is either:

* A teenager who is excessively self-conscious about her appearance

* Trying to get into a new line of work after he finished his sentence in a Nigerian prison for email fraud.

I'm not sure how much strangers on the Internet can help in either case.

orksecurity8 years ago
I don't know; I've never tried.

What it would take to get my attention would be to be someone I like as a friend, and to make the offer at a time when I'm not otherwise involved.

There are guys who wouldn't have those reservations. They're not the ones you want.
callmeshane8 years ago
Put your ankles behind your ears.
Hacker's dictionary and a bottle of red wine. And Duplo.
lemonie8 years ago
Take your clothes off (serious), it's often that easy.