How do you sew Duct tape without getting your needle all sticky??


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amakerguy8 years ago
try putting oil on the needle and see if it will not stick on that. Are you using a sewing machine or sewing by hand?
Murphys Laws (author)  amakerguy7 years ago
I'm trying to use a machine but it looks like hand may be the answer. I can then oil it more frequently.
STBro4 years ago
If you have a stainless steel needle, you can try wetting it and the thread with water. Duct tape adhesive doesn't stick well to wet surfaces. Also, you can wipe the needle and thread with isopropyl alcohol. I personally prefer the alcohol method using 91% or higher concentration isopropyl alcohol. You need to be aware that excess alcohol can dissolve some or all of the adhesive on the tape where the needle passes thru. That being said, I agree with other posters that a self-adhesive velcro tab may be a faster and "cleaner" method for a duct tape closure. If you use isopropyl alcohol for a prolonged time, use protective gloves and a well ventilated location for your project.
Furloy8 years ago
dont sew, tape things together
Murphys Laws (author)  Furloy7 years ago
I have a duct tape purse/messanger bag, my daughter made. I am trying to put a velcro closer on it.
ahh um i think if you buy the velcro sometimes it got a stick back and you might be able to stick it on, or maybe a wet needle? or superglue!!!!! maybe gorrilla too
toogers7 years ago
scrape off the adhesive.
Matt214978 years ago
Very Carefully......
wilcurt8 years ago
Wet the needle before you sew.
Why do you need to sew tape, it is super sticky.
frollard8 years ago
Keep the tape cold? Thats a good question :) Is the duct tape stuck to anything, or just other duct tape? Duct tape relies on a rubber-cement type adhesive. Goof-off should clean the needle occasionally.