How do you stop your hair frizzing?

 My hair is really thick and kinda curly and whatever i do it is really frizzy, It is about 5cm past my shoulders when it is straightened. 

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Ninzerbean8 years ago
After you wash it and you are in the shower put on the conditioner and run through with a big tooth comb, but hardly rinse the conditioner out. When you do this a few times you will get the hang of how much conditioner to use, then let it dry naturally. It takes a long time so you can even do it before you go to sleep, you will have nice big curls (if your hair is naturally curly) and no frizz. Resist the urge to brush it out when it's dry. 
shann.rox (author)  Ninzerbean7 years ago
ive started doin that and it actually works............i added this silk shine thing and i have CURLSSSSS hahaha.........its a big thing 4 me

I have wavy hair and my youngest daughter has beautiful
naturally curly hair! We live in the south and have had a HARD time battling
frizz! In my research for how to prevent frizzy hair I discovered that using a
terry cloth or microfiber towel will damage your hair causing it to frizz! The
HairRepear towel is a GREAT product made out of cotton and it totally solved my
frizzy hair problem!

BDMama6 years ago
My hair is curly and I stopped using shampoo about 10 years ago. I have only used conditioner on my hair since then. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair and using shampoo on it only makes it frizzier. If you would like to save money on conditioner make your own. There is an excellent recipe at

I have been using that exclusively this winter and my hair has been so much less frizzy, I am saving money and not polluting my body or the environment with unnecessary chemicals. A win all the way around!
when its wet..... put in shine syrum and blow dry it straight..... =) 
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
hair gel
i dare you 2 try hair gel shann
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 there is no way i am ever going to use hair gel anna!!!! u use it tho
oky i dare us both, il invie u ova 1 day! lol
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 omg yes!!!!!!!!! lol, im not gonna go 2 schl wiv my hair lik dat tho. i didnt wash d conditioner out of my hair 2nite and it feels so slimy!!
onestly shann, ur here looks fine~! jst something u need 2 get used 2! rememba....beaty is in the eye of the beholda
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 looks fine- yes, feels fine- no!! and wen i get in z pool i no ill b able 2 feel all d conditioner coming off it...........ewwww
no u like soaks in! and anywayz it feels nica than having straw...not saying u do but zats wat apens wen u wash all d conditiona out
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 u no how i washed my hair yesterdayafta schl swimmin?.........wel i cood feel d conditioner from dat wen i got in d pool and i barely put any on and i washed it all out.....
and if u want 2 do my hair u can do it next time we hav swimin coz its b4 recess
dona u av zat thing u do wiv clare (duno if i shood b posting ur activities on z web) on mon??!?!?!?!? and i hav zat thing zat every1 deoa on mon!!!!!!!!!!! (xcept u!) if u do i can do it zen!
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 ya!!! we cant do it( lol dat sounds rong!) at pe anyway coz of exams!!!
ya........exams.........waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa o wel! anywayz mayb next week...............CC party! do u no what CC stands 4?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? heres a clue: wed lunch
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 lol, i no!!!! i shood really tell me n about it!!!!!..................r u doing wateva u do on thurs morn coz im swimin then
i am doin wat i do on thurs morn in z pool zat i also play on sat. & by z way wat did u say u need 2 tell ur n?
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 about z CC party!!! ok i mite not b doin wat i woz gonna do on thurs morn coz of exams but illl try 2
o rite! so u can bring LOLLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and licorish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yummy yummy stuffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we hav 2 go 2 wat i do on thurs, even tho we hav exams we hav 2 go 2 every 1!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooooooo
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 i nooooooooooooooooooo! i wanna do wat i do coz i hav 2 stupid comps 4 it next weekend!!!!!! and u hav 2 bring food 2!!!!
shann.rox (author)  shann.rox8 years ago
 heres 1 of our convos
don't use gel, it will only worsen the problem
Re-design8 years ago
Cut is short.
shann.rox (author)  Re-design8 years ago
 i tried that! it didn't work!! my hair just stuck straight out from my head. 
Then you didn't cut it short enough.
shann.rox (author)  Re-design8 years ago
 i lik having my hair long enough to be able to do cool stuff with it, lik french plait it!
I'm just kidding you some.  I'm at the age that I'm just glad it's staying on my head and I don't really care what it wants to look like.

Good luck with yours.
shann.rox (author)  Re-design8 years ago
 lol, thanks, my hair is d one thing that i really h8 about me
1 of many...jks
anna rox8 years ago
awwwwwwwwww it suits u shann! but i suggest not brushing it....mind u thats not very gd 4 ur hair...i mean here!!!!!!!! lol
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 lol, my here is just as bad whether i brush it or not!!!! 
more conditioner and fry it in a bun so that it cant expand
shann.rox (author)  anna rox8 years ago
 i tried that! it didnt work, my hair just looks gay. im gonna try n do curls wiv my straightener dis, curls wiv a straightener
jtp1398 years ago
blow it out using a large round brush, or use a straightener. Then use a serum like frizzease. How often do you wash your hair? I'd recommend only washing it every other day or every 2 days. Then, once a week do a deep conditioning, wrap your head in plastic wrap (or shower cap) and leave it in for like a half hour.
shann.rox (author)  jtp1398 years ago
 I have to wash my hair almost every day because I do a lot of swimming and I hate it when my hair is chlorinated. 
Burf8 years ago
Shampoo and a good hair rinse.