How do you take off paint on plastic scale models without chemicals??

I messed up on painting a model car and I don't want to use paint thinner and if I sanded it off it would ruin the plastic...

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grumpygrady6 years ago
for a styrene model the best thing to use is car brake fluid, but to be safe always wear safety glasses or a shield as some people are more sensitive to chemicals,
it is safer than paint stripper and will not hurt the plastic,
use q-tips to get in the small cracks and just rinse off in water
also google (model hints and tips )
2nup3507 years ago
i use either oven cleaner or brake fluid for paint removal for anything except water based- use windex for that.
Put it in a pressure cooker.
Using petroleum based solvent will not only remove the paint but also destroy the model. If you used enamel paints then you need to look at either sanding or scrapping to remove the paint. You can use household chemicals such as Castrol SuperClean, BleachWhite, Simple Green or even Easy Off oven cleaner. Place the model in a suitable container that will allow you to submerge the model in the liquid. For oven cleaner, spray the model and seal it in a plastic container to keep the fumes inside, the help dissolve the paint. If you used acrylic paints, WIndex will remove the paint, again follow the suggestion above. Be sure to rinse well after you have the paint removed...which might require a little persuasion from an old tooth brush after soaking for a while.
Tombini8 years ago
I was going to suggest a fine grit sandpaper, but thats ruled out... How about a lovely solvent... Oh, not that either I don't know if it can be done!