How do you throw a paperang so it'll come back to you?

And how do you throw it so it'll do some amazing acrobatics?

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Hiyadudez8 years ago
Here is a video I found on youtube, all rights and credit goes to the maker of the video.

Just skip to the end to see how to throw it.

Hope this helps!
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lemonie8 years ago
Well that's no good. Because when I throw something away I don't want it to come-back!


tee hee
Re-design8 years ago
If you're throwing it where there is no wind you have to throw it up at an angle that will allow it to climb and then on the way back down it comes back to you.

If throwing it in a slight breeze, throw it into the wind and the wind will make it come back to you.  It takes practice and eventually you can make it come back to you without the wind's help.

Google "boomerang" and get instructions on throwing from there.