How do you turn a urinal into a drinking fountain?

I thought this would be an interesting and hilarious project. Please make an instructable if you can!

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Step one, buy a NEW/NEVER USED urinal. Step two, mount urinal in a conveinient location for a fountain. Step three, shut off water and run a line to the urinal. Step four, install a fountain faucet from the hardware store. Step five, turn the water back on and realize that your project probably has been done in asia.
Step four Defeats the whole purpose if the whole thing >_<
rkcjason8 years ago
That's gross.
Sounds like a bit of a challenge. best of luck to you! Sounds interesting.
holy_cow (author)  TheGasMaskGuy8 years ago
Actually, lol, I was challenging to see if OTHER people could do it, seeing as that I have no sort of skill in this stuff. But thanks anyway.