How do you uninstall kubuntu?

I am dual booting kubuntu and win7, kubuntu is one of the poorest linux versions I have used and would like to remove it.  I hope I don't need the linux disk because I just gave it back to my friend, and I hope I don't have to run linux because it doesn't even work anymore.  I don't see the partion in windows, but I saw the win partion in linux so... Thanks for any input you have, I saw this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/how-to-uninstall-kubuntu-from-a-duel-boot-system-526632/ would that by chance work for win7?

It looks about right however you will still have to repair your master boot record or Kubuntu will still show as a boot option during POST
jj.inc (author)  tragicallyhip5 years ago
How do I do that? Would that be the same as repairing your operating system like maximum PC just showed in their latest issue.
search " how to remove dual boot " there you will find tutorials on how to repair you MBR.

Good Luck