How do you walk on natural ground without making any noise?

I want to know how to walk on regular ground (not man-made) without making any noise. Is there an art to this??

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iceng4 years ago
Why am I unable to reply to Blkhawk's Kitemans thread ?

How do teachers sneak up on unsuspecting students
over old wooden flooring ?
Dispersing weight is another way. Kind of like a padded snowshoe, for regular land.
blkhawk4 years ago
Native Americans and hunters around the world are good at this. The trick is practicing stepping on your toes first and slowly shifting your weight to the rest of your foot. To stalk your prey you must be down wind to avoid detection. I also learn that instead of chasing your prey it is better to stalk your prey from above on a tree in an area where there is plenty of food and water.
Kiteman blkhawk4 years ago

Also, watch where you are stepping, try gently sliding your toes under any potentially-noisy debris, such as twigs or snow.
iceng4 years ago
As a physics type, there is always a sound when two objects touch.

That being said, study Shaolin Kung Fu and learn to make your footfall
sonic disturbance less than the ambient sound level.

In particular, do not step and block sound with your body that your
scare victim would notice !