How do you win the "PRO" badge ?

I've saw many Instructables users that have them , I personally think is for the Admins and founders , but i can be wrong . could someone correct me ?

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lemonie8 years ago
You don't win it, it's forced upon you when you pay money for a "Pro Account"
See here:

acaz93 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
don't you have 3 moths free for registering prior to pro ?
Gorfram acaz938 years ago
You can have infinity (well, the lifetime of yourself or the site, whichever is shorter) for free just by registering.

"Pro" status just gets you some extra nuggies (very nice nuggies, to be sure), along the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping to keep the site healthy and long-lived at an extremely reasonable (nominal, really (darned near trivial, in fact)) cost to yourself.

(If it was really 3 moths you were expecting to get free for registering, well, I'm still waiting for mine. :)
Gorfram Gorfram8 years ago
Oops, my bad - you do get 3 months free of those nuggies that have changed from "free" to "pro" status, if you were registered before "Pro" launched.

The three nuggies in question are:
  • PDF Downloads
  • All Steps on One Page
  • My Favorites
(You still don't get any moths, though - either way. :)

ChrysN8 years ago
You don't win it, you have to pay for it, here and here
are forums discussing the 'Pro" accounts, and there is a link on your member page that you can click in order to buy a "Pro" account. This is a way for Instructables to create more revenue and stave of the effects of the recession.
vince 098 years ago
i think it is a thing you have to buy not 100% sure
The pro badge is marked on members profiles that have signed up with the "Pro" service. It is just a way for Instructables to make a bit of money to pay the wages for the employees. If you sign up for pro, you pay money but they give you extra features....