How does a rectifier work?

How does a full bridge rectifier work?I have seen some schemetics and they require 4 diodes and a capacitor right?I want to build one but can I use a 56uf 450v electrolytic capacitor to turn my mains voltage(240VAC)to DC.And will the output voltage be 240v?

randofo21 days ago

I have an explanation of a rectifier here:

If working with diodes, there will presumably be some voltage drop, so it won't be a perfect 240 (is my assumption). You also need to consider how much current is being drawn as well and account for that.

A capacitor won't do the voltage conversion for you.

I have never built anything like what you are describing so can't give you any first-hand advise. That said, I would highly advise against starting with high voltage circuits when just learning electronics. You are better off buying a converter.

VitorT12 days ago
There is no need to use a capacitor if you want 240 volts DC from your mains, capacitofs are usually used in AC-DC converters to reduce noise on your DC signal, or to keep it constant. But if you are just rectifying the signal there is no need to use one. Just 4 diodes (that are rated for your voltage and current draw, 300v 5w for exemple).
CAUTION: if you are using mains voltage without isolation and the proper protection or knowledge of what you're doing be very careful.