How does one make pull out list in HTML?

For example, there's a list of links down the left hand side, when you hover over it more links pop out the side. I'll try explain in ASCII:

[Text] > [Text]
[Text]    [Text]
[Text]    [Text] >[Link]
              [Text]   [Link]

A link to a website with this featured on it would be fine, just so I can go view source.

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Jayefuu7 years ago
Ignore Zero and Kelsey. You don't need javascript :) HTML and CSS can be used to make a popout list as you describe.

Google "Nested CSS Menu"
Kryptonite (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
Awesome, thanks!

I gave up trying to look for a website with this, went to do some other homework and found that my school website uses it!

It's effectively a link, and the hover-over option pulls down the other bits. If you click it, it goes no where, and in the html it says onclick="noreturn".
Except that, as documented on that Web page, it's not quite conforming HTML either.  In the best case, it gets ignored, and in the worst, it get mangled.
Interesting. However, the point about accessibility to folks who are following the Web via screen-readers may still be valid.
wiggster6 years ago
Try DynamicDrive, they have loads of cool menus which you can add to your site.
gmxx7 years ago
 Its done with javascript. check  they have a nice library of html/js/css code, with a number of pull down menus scripts. download one, and edit to suit your needs. the only requirement is that you have a comment in the source code saying you  got the code from dynamic drive.
kelseymh7 years ago
As Ork said, that's not done with HTML at all.  It's JavaScript, which means it is not accessible to anyone who can't use a high-end graphical browser.  If you're blind, you can't use it.
orksecurity7 years ago
Can't be expressed in HTML alone. You'd need to do some scripting.

Simpler might be to find another way to express that selection.