How does the optics on the "Prayer Cross" work and how might I replicate that?

I was interested in creating jewelry and thought that I could use this as a hard to find place for sensitive information.

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lemonie8 years ago
You need the sensitive information printing on microfilm, which isn't easy to do yourself. And considering that microfilm was generally used for compact document storage it's pretty much obsolete these days. You might be able to make your own with a film camera and "slide film", but there again it is or is getting obsolete. L
. My guess is that laser etching would work better than printing.
. Either way, not something the average DIYer has the resources to do unless they have cheap access to the equipment.
Laser etching what though, and you'd need a very fine laser. Microfilm / microprinting is easy to do, if you've got the machine. A large production run of cheap-tat (pictured) easy, one-off not so.

the meer site of the word microfilm, it's turns my voice into that of a German spy and asks "Do you have z microfilm with za documents.... NO?? z microfilm.... WHERE IS Z MICROFILM!!!"
Bigev8 years ago
I believe it works on much the same principal as a magnifying glass. Just really tiny. As I never really bought into the gimmick-y-ness of it, can't say for sure. But, meh. Try it if you can. BTW, your picture does not work. It's a temp file, not a picture file.