How does this not get kicked off the sight?

I found a member recently named asshole_1234. I am not sure if this is acceptable on a websight that many children look at and are a part of. I discovered instructables in third grade. I just thought that I should bring this to somebodys attention. Is this not ok, or am I insane?

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nurdee15 years ago
I definitally agree with you that this should be kicked off. I am 16 and my parents didn't allow me on instructables until about a year ago, and it was because of things just like this. I think you should definitely report this.
freeza36 (author) 5 years ago
Just letting everyone know, I have sent a private message to ewilhelm, who is the creator and manager of Thanks for the answers, as they all helped me to do this.
blkhawk5 years ago
You always have the option to flag the offending member. Please report him to the site staff as soon as possible. Thank you for being concerned for the children using Instructables.
+1. I would send an email to or pm some of the staff if I were you.
iproberry15 years ago
If the staff ever find out...they might do something about it.....but imagine how much members there are....dozens,thousands

i sent you P.M.