How easy would it be to fix this ipod?

On a scale of one to ten (one being a 2 second fix, ten being i should not attempt at all), how easy is it for me fix this ipod, the screen appears fine. Also, how would i go about fixing it?

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zack2476 years ago
i believe i have your answer.
many of my friends have had the same happen to their ipod touches, and i have told them all the same.
they dont understand the whole concept of fixing this and how simple it really is, you just need to go to and buy a new touch sesitive overlay for your specific generation of ipod touch. this one looks like its either a 2nd or 3rd gen, the box should tell you what generation it is if you dont already know,

the new overlay may or may not come with the tools to remove the old screen, check the details of the dealextreme ad to see if it does, if it doesnt, search up something like "ipod repair kit", and you should find some (most likely green) sharp edged tools that look like a malformed flat screwdriver. you could use a flat screwdriver but you risk damaging your ipod.

remove the old screen and pop on the new one, there are lots of youtube videos for doing that.
it should cost you no more than $10.
Done this for 3 iphones now, and its brilliant. I recommend one of the amazon or ebay sellers that INCLUDE the tools/screwdriver/pry bars - only have to supply your own hair dryer.
jeff-o6 years ago
Another good place to look for replacement parts is
iceng6 years ago
Off you go to an Apple store.
Or are you into Photo Shop ?

flybye22 (author)  iceng6 years ago
No i want to actually fix it myself. ( I think i just need to replace the glass)
iceng flybye226 years ago
Here's a video
on how
to fix your ipod.

flybye22 (author)  iceng6 years ago
That dosent look too bad... Thanks!
iceng flybye226 years ago
Scared me, I can solder 20 mil pitch SMD parts, but I couldn't change the glass.

Good luck,

frollard iceng6 years ago
its brutally easy to replace i-device glass - the only time consuming part is getting the old adhesive off, which is just a matter of scraping with a knife.
jensenr306 years ago
The easiest way to fix this is to buy another.
We live in a throw away society, bro.
iceng jensenr306 years ago
Sad but True.

jensenr30 iceng6 years ago
i am noticing that every comment you post has a capital letter two lines below the text response. i am very curious as to why...?
iceng jensenr306 years ago
Like Lemonie's L signature.
A is for Alex.
jensenr30 iceng6 years ago
flybye22 (author)  jensenr306 years ago
Well i'm not looking for the easiest way per se... I would much rather pay $20 for a kit to replace the glass than $250 for a new one...