How exactly does an N-P-N transistor work?

I need to know about this topic to the core, like from where the electrons flow, which one is heavily/moderately/lightly doped, why electrons flow from that direction and not the other, etc. thanks guys!

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nurdee16 years ago
OK Basically a transistor works by having three or more layers of silicon that have different charges. These different charges are achieved by doping ( slightly contaminating the silicon ) the silicon with different materials. NPN stands for Negative-Positive-Negative. That means it consists of a negatively doped layer of silicon then a positively doped silicon layer and then another negatively doped layer.
ankur2893 (author)  nurdee16 years ago
i wanted to know from where do the electrons start flowing, ie from which to which terminal. the basic knowledge of transistors even i have, ie the highly/moderately/lightly doped parts of n-p-n/p-n-p. i was curious abt what happens inside the wires(if u know what i mean) about how exactly are the waves amplified.
frollard6 years ago
to add to the others:
rickharris6 years ago
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