How far does extreme builders' Truely Semi-auto knex gun shoot?

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The Jamalam8 years ago
5 to 10 ft for me, though it depends on the rubberbands you use. the trigger can only hold so much power you see, and it is a sort of dead end.
7.523786539876398076 Give or take 3-4 nanometers.
blobbobdude8 years ago
when you say semi auto, you mean the bullets load themself right? i can get them to fire quite far if thats what you mean...
Semi auto means you cock it 1 time you shoot trigger pulls bag you shoot trigger puls back you shoot etc.
DrWeird1178 years ago
'Bout 6 feet.
Jamalam Used his Jamalamagical bands, *a sorry excuse for measuring the wrong distance.
stopanator8 years ago
for my friend only 7 9 most for him
micahmojo28 years ago
not very far infact i was pretty disaponted when i made it all though it was a pretty good trgger mechansim so ya about 7 feet.