How is this battery spring plate attached to the plastic casing?


The picture is showing the battery compartment of my kitchen scale. I would like to use this principle in my design and wonder if anyone can tell me how the metal springs are attached to the plastic?

Double molded, glued, clip-in...?

My design does not have a PCB, which I suppose this scale has. 

I am not an electrical engineer so sorry for a confusing question.

Picture of How is this battery spring plate attached to the plastic casing?
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The battery plates slot into the grooves in the plastic. They will either be retained in place by a slight overhang or clip on the plastic, or there may be an adhesive, it's hard to say for sure from the photo.

The battery plate at the top of the photo is a single piece to link the positive (+) terminal of one battery to the negative (-) of the other, this means the two 1.5v batteries are wired in series and will thereby supply 3v. The two battery plates at the bottom of the photo will connect to the PCB internally.

karolina81 (author)  ThirdEarthDesign2 months ago

Good explaination, thanks a lot!

iceng2 months ago

Some Springs can be mounted on perforated board to take AAA, AA and 9V batteries...

Be sure to click a pic to see a whole image..

SpringPerfBoard1.jpgSpringPerfBoard2.jpgSpringPerfBoard3.jpgsys5.PNGAA Clips1.jpgTop2 cad JT.jpgTop cad JT.jpgsrc3.jpgsrc2.jpg
karolina81 (author)  iceng2 months ago

Ok, I see. Can I ask another question within the question? When I look at AAA battery concats, I see that they cause a 1,5 mm gap between the batteries. Ideally, I would like zero gap, like a battery pack. Are there contacts with zero gap?

steveastrouk2 months ago

Slid into little pockets in the plastic

karolina81 (author)  steveastrouk2 months ago

Got it, thanks!