How long did it take to build Motte and Bailey Castles?

I know that stone castles could take up to 10 years to build, but how long does it take to build a Motte and Bailey castle?

The Normans build these because they where faster to build that stone castles, so how long did it take to make a Motte and Bailey castle?

Feel free to add more info if you wish, but I'm more desperate for the answer to 'How long did it take to build Motte and Bailey Castles?'.

Here is an image of a Motte and Bailey to refresh your mind.

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Kiteman6 years ago
Since the wooden stage had to be thrown up quickly (they were, after all, a weapon for suppressing a conquered population), I would guess days or weeks, tops - they had whole armies at their disposal, plus a local peasant workforce unused to refusing orders from men with swords, and they were up against the clock, needing to get the castles finished before the local forces recovered from being conquered.

They were also temporary structures, intended to be replaced by stone as soon as possible.

The stone stages had to wait because the weight of a stone castle or wall would make fresh earthworks collapse.

You live in the UK, yes?  Try looking at English Heritage books, or visiting their properties for more information.
northantrim (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks VERY much.

This helped.

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lemonie6 years ago
Very quickly according to this page:


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Thanks lemonie this helped too.