How long will 3528 LED strips drain a motorcycle battery?

The battery is a duraboost battery made for ATVs and is in a YFZ450 (sport quad). The battery is 12 volts and so are the LEDs but i am afraid that the LEDs will drain the battery or just blow the LEDs from all the current it has to offer. They need .4 amps per meter and I am using about 4-5 meters. I want to know if i must make sure I have a full battery and how long i have until i get low on juice.

The battery will have a rating in Ampere-hours on the side, reckon taking no more than half of that from the battery at one go, or you'll damage it, Your load is ~1.6A, if the battery is 160 Ah, it will run for 80/1.6, or 50 hours.

No_Limits3 years ago

It should run for a fairly long duration. I'd say a week and a half until the battery starts to drain if just the LED's are running.