How long will a 12VDC fan (320mA) run on 2 6V batteries connected together?

caarntedd6 years ago
I think I've seen those batteries rated at anywhere from 18 to 25 Ah. Divide that (say 20) by .320 gives 62.5 hours. Double it for 2 batteries, 125 hours. Someone with a large electrical brain please correct this if I am wrong.
No, you double either the amps or the voltage, not both.

Using your figures, if the OP connects the batteries in a series, he will have 62.5 hours @ 12 volts.

Parallel would give you 125 hours @ 6 volts.
Yeah, 125 hours @ 6V, I just didn't read the Q properly. I drink a bit.....
If you connect batteries in series (which I'm assuming he is since it is a 12V fan) the capacities dont add up.