How make the brakes of Fat Bike?

I want build the Extreme Fat Bike. I have a problem in Brakes. How to makes the Brake of Exreme Fat Bike and how they fix?

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Use disk brakes, like a real car.

Dani Dani (author)  steveastrouk10 days ago
How is the disk brake? Can you give me some idea?

Better brake systems are Hydraulic. Cheaper options are cable operated.

The steel disk is firmly attached to the rotating wheel. The brake cylinders and pads are attached to the bike frame.

All of this is very small, hard to manufacture and under considerable stress when braking.

Dani Dani (author)  rickharris9 days ago

you are right. But not any steel disk in the alloy rim. Or any thing where the brake pads can grip.

See this pic.

I want make brake like this.


It looks like the brake pad is rubbing on the inside of the wheel.

As the instructable doesn't tell you where the wheels cam from I think your going to find them hard to get.

I ghuess it might work like this diagram.

The cable pulls the lever down. This presses the brake pad against the inside of the wheel.

Dani Dani (author)  rickharris8 days ago

so thnx Rick Harris. Where are you from?


The disk brake is very hard to home manufacture. You would be better off buying a ready made one designed for a bike. NOTE this may require you also buy a wheel suitable for mounting the brake on.

(This from someone who has built several recumbent bikes etc and has yet to manage to implement a disk brake without buying the parts.)

rickharris9 days ago

Where for example do you intend to get the wheels. All the Fat bike wheels I can see on line are spoked.

However on the good news side you can buy fat bike wheel brakes as well

Dani Dani (author)  rickharris9 days ago

So Thnx for Guide me.

iceng10 days ago

So if you look carefully you can see the press tracks from a pair of brake pads against the inside rim of the fat wheel...

You can also see the outside of the cable mechanism that presses those pads up to friction touch the rim..

Fat disc brake2.JPG
iceng iceng10 days ago

BTW if you click the pic 2 or three times it will enlarge, or better download it to paint program...

You do know how to weld and machine a thread ??

Dani Dani (author)  iceng9 days ago

i see that. But i m confused. How is this brake and how to fix it. Can you give me idea how it works inside? Plz rply.

I see you have asked in the instructable, I guess that is the best you can do. There is very little in the instructable in the way of instructions.

Note big wide tires = drag.

Unless someone is willing to draw detailed plans for you I guess you will have to do that yourself.

Dani Dani (author) 10 days ago

how make its brake?