How many amps does a car battery have

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iceng2 months ago

Usually just enough to start !

rickharris2 months ago

Potentially, many although the potential will be limited by the number of cells.

Yonatan242 months ago

Less than a million.

Vyger2 months ago


iceng2 months ago

Show the battery and then we can tell you about its amps or go to a Sears automotive store and read the ampere capacity of the batteries on their shelves.

steveastrouk2 months ago

The question is meaningless: The output current depends on the load. A decent fully charged car battery can deliver its cold cranking current, which is often more (much) than 500A, but it can't do it for very long.

+1 ;-) I would add; it depends on the battery and its amp hours both, the cold cranking amps and its amp hours should be on the battery. Google the battery.

...AND the age of the battery. I forgot to add that too.

Open question too many variables :-)

Downunder35m2 months ago

Car batteries are like lightbulbs: They come in all sizes and power levels.
You might notice once you start training for your drivers license or when visiting a shop that sells car batteries ;)