How many analog outputs does the Parallax Spin Stamp have?

I have been looking forward to getting a microcontroller with analog outputs, but I need to choose whether I should get the Spin Stamp instead of a bulky Propeller board.

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nkraus15 years ago
After reading the datasheet I cannot find any mention of analog outputs on the Parallax Spin Stamp, and assume there aren't any. I believe all the I/O pins are digital.
VirtualBoxer (author)  nkraus15 years ago
Nonsense! How could the shieldable Propeller board display color NTSC if it didn't have any analog outputs?
I was talking about the spin stamp, but I could very well be mistaken. I do not see anything in the documentation about exporting video, but I did for the propeller board.
VirtualBoxer (author)  nkraus15 years ago
The Spin Stamp is actually a 24-pin Basic Stamp board, but with a small Propeller onboard. Anyway, it is surely possible to have NTSC coming out of a Spin Stamp; it's just that only the shieldable Propeller board has a built-in video jack.
Ah well thank you for correcting me then, I legitimately have no clue of how many analog pins there are.
According to the parallax website, the propeller has no analog pins. Here is an article that tells a way around that
VirtualBoxer (author)  Zoraster5 years ago
Actually, to me, the fact that the general purpose pins are unlabeled in terms of digital or analog makes my idea be that they are all analog I/O.