How many 330v 120uF capacitors would be best for my coil gun?

I have 18 330v 120uF capacitors, all from Kodak cameras. What would be the ideal amount of caps to put in a cap bank for my coil gun?

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I started with 18 capacitors also first i was clipping the blue camera circuits to make a charger then I upped it up a notch and built a pretty efficient boost converter charger
I made a second 18 cap capacitor bank then a third then a fourth
With 18 capacitors and a pen tube coil and a 1 inch metal rod and a 16 awg coil
I was able to slighty dent dense foam from 10 feet away Then on the far end of that with four banks I shot through the foam pretty cleanly
chemisti37 years ago
im in the same boat. i got 43 of these little flash caps around your uF and v range. 120uF 330V = 6.5joules. you probly get a novel launch with that. how bug you think the coild should be to run off one of these dinky caps.
TF22747 years ago
That depends... 1 Capacitor will make the projectile barely leave the barrel if ur lucky. What do you wanna do with your coilgun? If you wanna shoot the neigbors windows out from your house I would use all 18 of those capacitors. If you just wanna shoot at a little paper target then maybe 6 or 7 depending on the range. Heck just put all 18 of those suckers in there, go to walgreens, get 18 more and put those in there. Then u gots a coilgun lol.
it depends on how large your coil is...
bowmaster8 years ago
Put in 1 and send the rest to me. Or use all of them.
Arbitror (author)  bowmaster8 years ago
In your dreams...