How many fiber of hemp (Kg?) and epoxy resin (Kg?) need to build a BambooBike ? ?

I want to try to build a bamboobike like Ayasbek.... but I need to know quantity of fiber and resin I have to sell... Thanks for your reply and experiences...

Koboldka8 years ago
Hi, I hope your question is still actual...
I used ~500g resin and ~300g hemp fiber for this bike:
xman8 years ago
I used about 600g of hemp fiber, and about 800g of resin (but I have too much resin in my joints).
BAMBOOBIKER8 years ago
Depending on the diameter of the hemp fiber - 1.5mm, probably purchase 2 rolls of 100 meters, probably the same with 3mm (you may not use it all, but better to have a bit left than run out). If you go smaller diameter (I wouldn't), you'll need more. 1 liter of epoxy with 1/2 liter hardner, if you go with a 2/1 ratio epoxy mix, should be plenty.