How many of each piece are used in the knexsayer?

Does anybody know? Because I really want to build it but I don't want to run out of pieces while building. At the very least, can someone find out how many green rods and yellow connectors there are?

ajleece8 years ago
rods green:336 white:162 blue:22 yellow:24 red:7 gray:6 black:7 yellow/orange:1 connectors dark gray:82 orange:22 lt gray:41 red:55 green:46 yellow:172 white:29 blue:6 tan clip:16 black/blue hinge:6 (toghther) blue clip:1 other y clip:13 small black tires:6 ball socket:8 ball joint:1 blue spacer:43 gray spacer:7 small gray tire:11
Dirtyboyy8 years ago
i have mad ehim :D , and he's cool , ( for a day of 2 :( ... )
barrax8 years ago
what ajleece said.
Owenmon barrax8 years ago