How many people out there think that soldiers' are heros' and not just idiots running around with guns?

If you could please leave an honest answer and a reason why you feel that way. Remeber freedom isnt free. And for all of those who have served or are going to serve thank you.

Picture of How many people out there think that soldiers' are heros' and not just idiots running around with guns?
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blkhawk6 years ago
Although I am a conscientious objector I do admire people in the military and at one point I contemplated a military career for myself. Soldiers march to battle with full knowledge of what they are going to meet, they are trained to do a job and are convinced that they are there for a cause. They answer the call of duty and that is a plus in my book.
ilpug6 years ago
Anyone who can put their life on the line for another, not to mention half the free world, is a hero in my book. I believe that the whole idea of fighting and killing is disgusting, but that does not mean that it is not necessary. I support the armed forces wholeheartedly, although not always the people who direct them.
dkop16 years ago
Any man or woman who serves is a hero in my book. "if you wont stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them." Anyone who protests their funerals, (cough cough) needs beaten. the one acceptable exception to the right to free speech. Protesting military actions is fine, but protesting soldiers or dishonoring them should inherit some sort of severe punishment.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
heroes are defined by their actions, not necessarily their roles/professions
steve-lane (author)  mikeasaurus6 years ago
True but we are fighting to help ourselves and other countries it might not be heroism to us. but to other countries we've helped they call us hero's
onrust6 years ago
NO ANSWERS?....... punks As much as I resent government, I feel for the families who have people serving. As for the people serving, I hope you don't resent your government........ after you get home...... as much as I do!
kingsqueak6 years ago
I hope you are very young and this is why you are asking in this way.

Heroes doesn't really apply, they are trained professionals doing a job they have been very highly trained to do.

"Idiots running around with guns?" Seriously? No way.