How many super bright white LEDs can be connected in series and in parallel to an Arduino pin?

I'd like to make an 8x8x8 LED cube with super bright white LEDs with the Arduino. I've thought of two ways to do this. I just want to know what my limitations are and if I should use red LEDs instead and what are the limitations on them? I'm using an Arduino Uno R3.

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arfon2 years ago


What is the nominal operating voltage and current of the LEDs that you selected?

What is your supply voltage?

You do not want to drive the LEDs directly from the Arduino pins, you will need a driver circuit.

-max-2 years ago

Technically, 18mA cannot even drive one "super bright" 10mm LED to full brightness, as they require closer to 25-40mA for full brightness

-max-2 years ago

Each pin an the arduino I think can deliver 18mA. So it depends how much hard you drive the LEDs.

iceng2 years ago

I do NOT believe someone building a 512 LED cube will use 100ma LEDs ! ! !!

iceng2 years ago

That's 512 LEDs @ 18ma per that's over 9.3 A DC if they all turn on at once.

An output pin can handle 40 ma 50 ma for the 3.3 Volt you will need supplementary electronics to even pulse switch any color of 8^3 LEDs.