How may I filter out certain instructables from my account, so they would no longer appear in my searches/browsing?


I recall in the early days of Instructables, there was more of a focus on actual working technology ideas. Nowadays, many of my searches become jumbled with Instructables of nature more asthetic than function.

It is my desire to be able to filter out these instructables from ever appearing in my searches again, preferably individually for higher precision.

Is this possible? Or have I just suggested a new feature to include in an upcoming site upgrade?

Thank you kindly, your help is incredibly appreciated.

Phunky Monkey, esq.

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yokozuna7 years ago
It is possible at least by keywords. Take a look at Zach's instructable and see if this helps with your specific needs.
phunkymonkey (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
Orksecurity, Nutrition Man, and yokozuna, I appreciate your constructive input.

Although I do not have any ill-wish against most K'nex instructables, as past experience browsing topics featuring articles featuring these toys, and similarly Legos, have shown them to be, for the most part, creative and intelligent.

However, I do feel a certain disdain when I search or browse in the "Technology" section, and get swamped with "Steampunk" designs that, for the most part, are non-functional and hence, in my belief, have no place in a section devoted to "Technology".

Furthermore I appreciate your friendliness towards me, a non-Pro member. I remember days when many "Pro" benefits were available even to those who hadn't created an account on the site; a quick perusal of the forums these days gives one the impression of great scorn and condescension towards Free members. You three have treated me well and for that I can only wish you the best of tidings, and to congratulate you on a job well done.

Phunky Monkey, the Third
phunkymonkey (author)  phunkymonkey7 years ago
While reading the source code of that script I suddenly came across a realization and hence I hasten to add:

In the steampunk example, let's do it Fermi-style.

In this Section (Technology/Steampunk) :

One finds 14 articles on the first page. Of these 14, 7 are functional products of electric technology. Therefore, we can discern that on average, 1/2 (50%) of the articles are useful, or useless, depending wholley on either a deontological or utilitarian perspective on things.

Now, upon modification of the GreaseMonkey script to include the terms "Steam" and "Punk", one would find that ALL articles related to Steampunk be gone, useful or otherwise! This presents a great loss in information.

Unfortunately, that makes the filter script unusable in it's present form, and yet hope exists for a modification. Perhaps, instead of blocking out specific key-words, it can instead block out links that would lead to blacklisted articles, as found on a blacklist created and updated by the user themselves.

Knowing the intricacies of this site better than I, I ask you to opine on the possibilities of such a modification.

Phunky Monkey
The Instructable I linked can be used to filter all sorts of things, and not just Knex stuff (that just happens to be what it was originally designed for). For example, you list steampunk, and you could use that keyword to sort out that section of stuff. You can play around with it as much as you like.

As for the scorn and condescension... I think that's more geared towards users who don't research anything and ask questions that are easily answered by a google search. It's more of a coincidence that those users normally (but not always) tend to be non-pro members. I've certainly been guilty of being on both ends.

However, I don't think there is a general disdain towards non-pro members. I was also a grand-fathered user that had access to all-steps and such, until another pro member gifted me a membership. Since then, I've also won several of them, but never felt like I wasn't part of the group when I wasn't. Hope your filtering works out for you.
Kiteman7 years ago
"Early days of instructables"? You've only been a member for a year and a half!

Anyhoo, aesthetic projects have always been a feature of the site, as well as the many "functional" projects.

If you want to focus on the functional, simply follow the tabs at the top of the screen and then those down the left of the screen. That way you can focus purely on the things that you want to see, and completely avoid being pleasantly surprised by projects outside of your usual comfort zone.

phunkymonkey (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Please refrain from passive agression, and the presumption that this particular account's age represents the total breadth of my experience with this site.
That wasn't "passive aggression", that was sarcasm.

Ask some more questions that run counter to the founding spirit of the site, maybe I'll let you see more of it.
orksecurity7 years ago
If you're running Firefox, there is a Greasemonkey script available which suppresses any instructable which contains the word "knex", and which can be adapted to other keywords. I've mostly given up on that because there was a user whose name contained those four letters and who was therefore being filtered out, and I found that more annoying than useful.

It really isn't all that hard to ignore the irrelevancies, in my experience.

If you're trying to prevent someone else from seeing them, that's a different kettle of worms.
NatNoBrains7 years ago
Try searching the keywords, and then before you hit 'Go', type a minus symbol ( - ) and add the category you do not want the results to be gathered from.
e.g. How to build a gun -knex
Hope this helps,
Nutrition Man