How might I call another phone on the same landline?

Just wondering if there was a way to make the other phones in the house ring using a landline with no call waiting. I live with my elderly grandparents who can't always make it up the stairs to get a hold of me...

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velojym6 years ago
The phones I just installed tonight have a nifty and intuitive intercom feature. My wife loves it especially... I wonder if they'll take returns...
To be practical, you need to design and build a PBX

There are instructions and schematics available online in various places. A word of caution, they tend to become expensive projects and rarely prove their worth.
fwjs288 years ago
call your phon number, hand up when you hear the beeping noise on the reciever, and pick back up...
frollard8 years ago
There are FM intercoms that plug into your house wiring - and use your existing wiring to transmit. They offer a 'page tone' button, and a transmit/transmit lock button. You hit the tone button, and it transmits a buzz over all intercoms in the house - Then it's a push-to-talk half duplex communication system. You don't have to page before talking, but the page gets the receiving party's attention.
I should note - we use one between our kitchen and detached garage. (home theatre in garage loft :D) people inside can notify people in the garage of important stuff like 'the pizzas here'...etc.
lemonie8 years ago
There is a way, if you can understand how your phone system works. This might be useful:

How about Skype?

Their rates aren't bad, and you can make your own hardware.