How much Current does an Arduino Duemilanove Draw?

How much Current(in MA) does an Arduino Duemilanove Draw While:
  • Running Blinkenlight?
  • Running code not turning any lights on?
Also How much would it draw under those conditions when it is receiving 5V and through the regulator in the DC jack?

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ufomg8 years ago
measured 18.7 mA just now, powered from an FTDI breakout board.  For curiosity, a mini powered the same way is drawing 18.4.
ReCreate (author)  ufomg8 years ago
Thanks :)
Derin8 years ago
That golden-looking resistor at the power side is actually a fuse.
ReCreate (author)  Derin8 years ago
A fuse?
Cybot Rules8 years ago
Acording to the website it draws around 40ma per digital port, and it needs 1A from the power supply jack to run at max, so if you can supply it with 1A or just use a multimeter to measure.
ReCreate (author)  Cybot Rules8 years ago
OK thanks :)
raykholo8 years ago
assuming it can be succsefully powered from a usb port, i would say 100ma it could be anywhere up to 500ma though but i dont think it has any part of it that needs that much power... according to technical specs, dc jack works with 40 - 50 ma
ReCreate (author)  raykholo8 years ago
Thanks, Maybe average about 70Ma?
frenetic8 years ago
The simple answer is to strap a millammeter on and measure it at the source. Failing that, you'll have to break down the current needs of all the components: The ATMega draws under 1mA (it's 0.3mA in the datasheet) then add the USB interface (another 0.1mA). I would suspect that what ever load you have running (LEDs etc) will account for 99% of the current requirements.
ReCreate (author)  frenetic8 years ago
I suppose, I would say more like 75% because there are 3 LEDs, A regulator, and a crystal...
ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
Bump, This is really pathetic.
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