How much Molten Salt would be neccasary to run a 6000 kw steam generator?

Initial steam conditions 150 to 170 psig Saturated going into a 6" inch steam flange?Thanks?

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lemonie8 years ago
What are you asking here? Some nuclear power plants run molten sodium, but what on earth are you talking about here with 6Mw and molten salt?! L
Since I spent all last bloody week doing it, melting sodium chloride is 801 C - somewhat hotter than your 360 C spec, so what are you talking about
Where did I say 360oC?

You didn't - my blasted reply is in the wrong %£££& place again- the OPs spec was 150 PSI, which is a steam temp of 360 what salt is he using do you reckon ?

I don't know with some of these things, and I haven't got more than a preliminary Scooby-Do clue on this one... Nitrate? L
Re-design8 years ago
I don't think that I would use Morton salt for this.
Don't you mean... MOLTEN BORON!
seandogue8 years ago
You're asking about an industrial scale solution in a DIY forum? Whew....I assume you're talking about a Stirling solar generator? In any case, this isn't the place for such a discussion. You should be contacting someone in the industry. Perhaps check at University of Arizona or one of the CA universities, where they run such facilities.