How much Orange juice is safe to drink?

I've been craving orange juice lately. I've been drinking on the order of a half gallon a day, maybe a pint or two less. So, how much can I drink without endangering myself?

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trf8 years ago
Basically, we cant tell you. You would have to factor in your age,your weight,your nutrion needs,and all that. Basically its safe to drink it until your full. As long as you dont FORCE it down you will be fine as the body eliminates excess nutrient through urine!
kyndallkep6 years ago
Me and my friend drank a pint of orange jucie, low acid. When we woke up we were both sore and throates were burning and stomachs. My friend woke up in the middle of the night and was jittery shakes nervous and naughious. SHe felt the need to keep moving and was pacing the floor and had to force herself still to fall back asleep. We both have migranes right now.
bls19877 years ago
I'm drinking a lot of orange juice now. I've squeezed like 20 oranges today, and I still have one more to go, I put it in a zipbag in the refrigerator.
I suggest for everyone of any age to have no more than 3 glass of that DELICIOUS AND ORGASMIC orange juice....

Yes TOO MUCH SUGAR and TOO ACID for your body.
Coke? well, no more than 1 glass a day!

When I go to be I take a glass of water with me and put it on the bedside table and then I wake up and drink it.

That's my suggestion I hope you take it!
strat69118 years ago
Orange juice contains as much sugar as Coca Cola. If you're drinking that much, you may want to have your blood glucose checked. Diabetes is becoming more prevalent all the time. Good luck.
Re-design8 years ago
If it starts to burn when you pee you will want to slow down. The acid in OJ irritates the bladder wall and lets in infection.
zkemppel8 years ago
None, OJ kills people... sorry i had to. You should ask your doctor about it, that would be the safest source.
TRF is pretty close to correct. There's not much in the way of potential toxins in orange juice. Vitamin A can be dangerous if consumed in excess, however you'd definitely have to drink more OJ than you already are. There's three things that concern me. 1. If you happen to be taking a supplement, especially vitamin A, you could begin exceeding the recommended levels and possibly one day lead to toxicity. Folic acid (folate) is another one to pay attention to. Don't worry about this too much, it takes a lot of Vitamin A and a long time to do this. Just stop taking a supplement if you're taking one. 2. Are you choosing orange juice over other beverages? That's fine, but don't ignore water as a reasonable choice especially since your juice may contain a lot of sugar. Are you choosing it over food? That's bad, a beverage does not replace a meal or snack when you're hungry. If that sounds like you, get out of that habit immediately. 3. OJ, especially with pulp, will aggravate ulcers and aches and can give you nasty heartburn even when your stomach is perfectly healthy. If you find yourself taking rolaids or tums shortly after a glass, slow down a bit! I think you'll be fine. OJ is pretty good for you. Just be aware of too much sugar, excess nutrients, or heartburn.