How much big in length and size blades and what rpm of motor do I need to lift 600 kg of weight like helicopter?

How determine what size blades ( length , width ) and what rpm do the helicopter need to lift a specific weight like 600

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rickharris1 year ago

The Robinson R22 helicopter which weighs
about 1000 pounds has a max load capacity of 450Kg - a rotor diameter
of 25 ft 2.4 in (7.67 m). The engine is 93Kwatts - They cost around

1. Your drone would not be allowed to fly unmanned.

2. It will cost the earth to develop.

3. Your not going to buy flyable electric motors at that power so likely it won't ever lift 600Kg.

This is one project your going to have to rethink.

rickharris1 year ago

You asked this question in May 2015 in other forums and already know the answer. there hasn't been any dramatic improvement in technology in the past year.

Let's start with 70kg and then work our way up to the 600kg.

I suggest starting just getting something that flys and learning some aerospace engineering!


Flitetest is the best!

iceng1 year ago


kelseymh1 year ago

rickharris1 year ago

600Kg! your not aiming low are you.

1. If your asking this question with such an extreme target in mind you do not have enough experience to build this machine.

2. Your exceeding most countries laws to make such a machine.

3. This is a man carrier although DIY helicopters have been built generally they are not successful.

4. It will be beast to fly.

Sorry but I am not wasting my time looking up video or facts for such a silly aim.


If you need to to ask you are not qualified for such a project, simple as.