How much could I sell these various computer parts for?

Here are some parts I would like to sell on eBay:
  • 2 AMD Athalon 64 X2 Processors
  • 2 1GB DDR2 RAM Chips
  • 1 Intel Mobile Pentium III Processor
  • 1 Cartridge Type Intel Pentium III Processor
  • 12 Various Old Working RAM
Could you guys give me a good selling price for one of each item? The last item you can just give me a price for all 12. Thanks!

-Shadow Ops

     If you are interested in any of these items, PM me and I'll give you a link to eBay, once I've posted it.

seandogue4 years ago
lol, maybe a dollar or two apiece, if you can find buyers. try ebay. you *might have some takers
Re-design4 years ago
Used computer parts are notoriously cheap.  The old ram might not sell if you priced it at a dollar a stick.

The Pent. 3 is worthless except to a collector.  There haven't been any motherboards mfg. for the 3 in a long time.

The price of DDR2 chips is way down from what it used to be.

I don't keep up with Athalon processors so I wouldn't have any opinion,but I would be very hesitant about buying a used processor that I could not test.

You best bet might be to stick some of it on ebay and see if it sells.

I sold an new in box mother board that was about two generations obsolete for about twice what I paid for it recently so you never can tell.  If you have something that some one wants the they will pay for it.

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