How much is import duty to the us?

I was thinking about buying some leds off ebay from Hong Kong and I wanted to know how much import duty's were.

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jeff-o7 years ago
I've bought lots of LEDs from Hong Kong and was never charged duty.  If you buy less than $20 worth they will not charge you (and often the seller will say the value is $20 on the customs declaration even though it's much more).
seandogue7 years ago
Alot less than it should be.
frollard7 years ago
For stuff under 20 dollars I've never been charged.  For orders in the 20-100 range the seem to pick randomly, and its 'about what you'd pay for local sales tax', 5-15 percent.

For huge orders over a few hundred dollars expect the bean counters to see a red flag and DEFINITELY stop your package at the post office for customs fees, still the same tax.  Small orders = likely no tax.  It's not worth their time for a few dollars to stop, track, and charge for it.
keydogstony7 years ago
I've purchased LED's from China and Hong Kong and didn't pay any duty.
The seller is just covering there a$$ in case there is a duty in other countries.
Unless you’re buying a super large quantity you can get good prices from several outlets.

Mouser, Digikey, All Electronics and many more.
coolpizzadude (author)  keydogstony7 years ago
Would super large quantity's be between 100 and 250 leds.
I agree.  I've bought several items and never paid any duty.  One was over $100.