How much is this worth?

I have a shortstick that screws apart into nunchucks and I might sell it but have no idea how much its worth.  Can anyone help?

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FoolishSage5 years ago
You can use the following as a start:
Price=(cost of materials+overhead costs+(manhours X hourly rate)) X (1 + profit margin)

Cost of materials is pretty self explanatory.

Overhead costs is a % of things like rent, electricity, consumables, development costs, etc. This usually calculated by adding all these costs over a period of time (like a month) and divide by the amount of products you make in that time.

Manhours is the amount of hours you (and your staff if applicable) worked on it

Hourly rate is the amount you charge per hour, this can be anything from 5 euros to 200 euros. This usually depends on what you could otherwise be doing with your time to earn money.

Profit margin is how much you want to have left over. At very least I would use 20% (0.20 in the formula) but how high you go is up to you.
Of course if you bought the thing then it really all boils down to

Price=(price paid) X (1+Profit margin)

Then if you bought it then the profit margin may be negative depending on which way the supply and demand has gone for this item.
frollard5 years ago
No clue; just consider in many places its illegal to sell restricted weapons; and nunchucks (num-chucks?) are restriced as concealable weapons in many jurisdictions.

Posession of a weapon sucks as a criminal charge.
Posession for purpose of even more.
Vyger frollard5 years ago
When Chuck Norris looks at another Chuck that chuck goes numb. Chuck Norris's feet are considered a restricted weapon. When he goes shopping for boots they have to register every pair he buys. He is required to submit heal prints so they can compare the imprints with peoples faces to make sure he isn't illegally discharging his feet.

(BTW, if you are not familuar with the "Chuck Norris" humor it sprung up a number of years ago. I have seen a number of posters with the "special abilities" attributed to him. Its a sort of spoof.)

More here.

sorry to say, but what sort of deprived, without computer soul has NOT heard of chuck norris? I swear when I went to guatemala the kids there knew... That and Jackie Chan ;)
builderkidj (author)  astroboy9075 years ago
I knew! :D
builderkidj (author)  frollard5 years ago
canucksgirl5 years ago
Take it to a martial arts instructor and ask them if they can give you an estimated value (or direct you to someone who can). They might also be interested in buying it, if a) they want it and b) they think it has some value.
lemonie5 years ago
Can you manage to add a picture of this?

builderkidj (author)  lemonie5 years ago
...yeah i will add it later when i take pictures...