How much psi can an average 500 ml water bottle hold?

I'm making a soda machine with the "Carbonating: The cheap and easy way", and I would like to knwo how much pressure it can take, as I would prefer that my soda doesn't blow up in my face :)

ANDY!4 years ago
Those bottles can hold enough pressure to make carbonated beverages but I wouldn't advise it because they are still weak and will stretch after a while. I've made some sodium hydroxide and aluminum bombs with those and the first place to blow is the cap. If you are looking for a cheap source of bottles, some recycling depots may resell you used bottles for, in my area, 5 cents a bottle. A bottle meant for carbonated beverages can hold +100psi, but overdoing the pressure isn't a good idea.
Real Soda bottles i think can be put to 35 -45 PSI safely
I wouldn't mess with water bottles, because they are only designed to hold water for 2 years (exp date) and not pressured liquids.
What kind of water bottle are we talking about here. Reused bottle of water, or sports bottle. If it's a sports bottle what kind of top does it have? If it's a reused bottle of water then what kind of plastic is it made of. I've seen many bottles of water that use such this and weak plastics that it can barely hold unpressurized liquids.
bombeano (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Its one of those disposable water bottles with the plastic caps... to be exact the ones like these:,cos_11.11,cos_11.11.2/142706
It is PET plastic, and (if you need to know this) It has a 1 in the recycling symbol. thanks for the help so far!