How much should I sell 30 kgs of knex for?

I want to sell my knex in time for christmas to put it towards a Christmas present (GTX 590) and I have pretty much dead on 30 kgs. I was looking on ebay and the average price seemed to be about £10 per kilo. I think £300 seems a bit too much so I was thinking in the region of somewhere around £250. This is just my opinion but I want yours.

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30 kilos !!!! £300 at least. if you have at least 5 motors and 40 wheels of any size. lots of pieces and a few boxes.
maybe 175 pounds.
cool knex135 years ago
I would pay about £150 to £200 for it.
fuzi6 years ago
most people buy on pieces so it'd be easier if you told us how much pieces you have
Millawi Legend (author)  fuzi6 years ago
Not sure, somewhere between 15k and 30k.
if you put it on ebay i dont think youll get £250
you could sell it in parts or put it up for sale as a whole on knex innovation or instructables
Kiteman6 years ago
Stick it on ebay, see what you get for it.