How much should a decent violin cost?

the violin has appealed to me as an instrument to plat since i was in 4th grade. I don't want a cheap Chinese or a super expensive on. I want one that is kind of in the middle.

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In our local music and appliance store they have electric violins you can use with ear phones for $125.

Good for not disturbing your neibours while you practice.
In Australia it would cost around $600-800 for a decent handmade violin (most things seem to be cheaper overseas not sure about violins) however I would recommend that you rent a violin first instead of buying an instrument you might not play.
shotgunshane (author) 4 years ago
Any suggestions on specific models?
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Third try: The maker of my violin is Amati and the model is Artisan which is a student model. The black thing on my bridge is a mute to make sure I don't disturb the neighborhood.
shotgunshane (author) 4 years ago
Any suggestions on specific models?
ElmarM4 years ago
Mine cost about $400. It is Chinese but was stripped down, refinished by a firm in Cincinnati. It produces a mellow tone rather than the typical high scratchy sound found in highly varnished Chinese instruments. I smell an 'ible here :)
Kiteman4 years ago
Your best bet is to talk to a professional.

A violin teacher should be able to point you towards a suitable instrument seller.
rickharris4 years ago
Depends on your version of Decent- but around here in the UK £50 - £300 would work.

If your just beginning and not sure if you want to keep it up a lot of music shops will rent you an instrument by the month.
Expect to pay somewhere around $200 - $500.