How much voltage and amprage does a disposable camera pump out?

I recently built a taser out of a disposable camera and I do not know how much voltage and amprage it pumps out so I won't kill anyone. I like to play it safe. I used all of the disposable camera and the capacitor is a 4 farad capacitor. In case you haven't guess yet I am a noob at the home electronics game. So... Thank you.

orksecurity7 years ago
Once the capacitor is charged, the question is how much voltage and amperage *it* will deliver.
pyrofire7976 (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
I had one of my electronic buddies read it out and it turns out that it pumps out 1400 volts and 1.5 amps. I think I will dismantle it, I really don't want to kill anyone.

How does it output 1400 volts, when the capacitor holds 300v and the transformer only converts to 300v?

ARJOON7 years ago
less than 3w of power output and a 4 farad capacitor for camera is impossible