How much would you be willing to pay for this Brand New video camera?

I'm thinking on selling my brand new video camera I won at a contest but never used it since I had a better one. 
The make in JVC and it is model 60G HD.
Just wondering if I should sell it or not and how much you guys would pay for it. 


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Thermionic5 years ago
I'll give you 600$.
solarblade90 (author)  Thermionic5 years ago
If you want I can sell it to you
Well, if I bought it from you, that would make this message spam, and I know you WOULD NEVER post spam here. Try eBay man.
solarblade90 (author)  Thermionic5 years ago
Yes I know that! If you really want it I can....
thegeeke5 years ago
After realizing that I typed in the wrong model number, I would expect it to go for $500-$600.

Good luck! :)
iproberry15 years ago
I would just suggest to put it on kijiji or e-bay for bids.
Kiteman5 years ago
Stick it on eBay and you'll soon find out how much people would pay.
frollard5 years ago
depends on the exact model number/shipping inclusion.

Look up the model 'new' on ebay/amazon/other etailers and use that as a starting point. probably have to knock 10-20% off otherwise people will go somewhere with a warranty.