How possible would it be to build a pedal-powered mobile toast shop?

I am thinking to build a bike-with trailer that powers one or more toasters, by charging a battery then releasing that power. Do the electrical among you believe this is practical? Could there be enough lekky? What considerations should I have? Also - a lot of instructions for this on the web are based on US power supply. Does anyone have any links to UK based instructions.

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xhalmers_860 (author) 8 years ago
So... if I was charging batteries (I think running them live off a dynamo, although it sounds cool would be impractical / hard to serve people)

Lets keep it simple.

How long pedalling would it take to charge a battery that would keep one toaster going for 1 hour?
karnuvap8 years ago
Lemonie is right - to power a toaster you would need to generate about 1kW of human power. But can a human put out that much power - even pedalling hard? The Wikipeida page on Human Power says that a human can exert under half a horsepower for a short time and a Hp is about 750W and so it's looking like you could exert yourself and generate about 300-350 watts. This is going to make what my son calls 'Golden Toast' but what I prefer to call slightly dried bread!
lemonie8 years ago
Toasting uses a lot of energy, let's say for example a cheap 2-slice @ 1Kw
A car battery would run toaster elements, but for how long?
50/60 quid standard-ish battery, 12V 60Ah.
1Kw at 12V is 83A, so it'd do you ~ 40 min of toasting.
How much toast, you can work out from that.
An inverter would convert the 12V supply to 240VAC, but you might want 2 batteries and a 24V inverter?

Jayefuu8 years ago
As a side note... it doesn't necessarily have to have batteries. You could get to a place, drop down a prop/stand that lifts the back wheel then you can sit on the bike and run the toasters by pedaling, converting to 'lekky' with the dynamo. Toasting the bread as your customers watch :)
I really doubt it would be practical to charge batteries to power the toasters, If you charge the batteries from a power supply (not your bike) you could just use the bike to top up the batteries. But the toasters will drain your batteries really good, so then you have to work extra hard to charge them by pedalling... Do you have a link to the US instructions, Usually they are really easy to run off UK power...