How powerful does a motor cycle motop have to be to pick up a man on a helecopt er chair?

How powerful does a motor cycle motor have to be to pick up a man on a helecopter chair?

ANDY!8 years ago
i think any motor over 100 hp should work if this helecopter was ver light. Look at another helecopter website. I saw one before. good luck and pack a parachute. ;)
orksecurity8 years ago
Depends on how efficient the 'copter blades are. And don't forget that the motor also has to lift the weight of the "chair", and the motor, and the additional hardware needed to control this contraption (making all the blades tilt in the right direction at the right times, and don't forget the tail prop to keep the craft from spinning in the opposite direction), and the fuel needed to run it. Autogyro would require less power, I believe. Ultralight would require even less; real wings are more efficient than blades. Suggestion: Websearch for autogyros and/or one-man experimental choppers, see how big their engines are, and you can probably guess somewhere between those two.