How put hair into a bun without pins, ponytail holders, hair spray, etc.?

I once knew a Korean girl who loved to put my long hair into a bun. She didn't use anything to help, she just twisted it and it stayed really well. I would pay for a tutorial on that!?

flowers41344 years ago I think this is what you're looking for. I just learned and it takes me seconds to put my hair in a bun now :-)
You could always tape a couple cinnamon buns to your ears.
My guess is you do much the same as for a regular old bun secured with pins  - first twist the hair around itself, then wrap it and tie into a knot - that's what I do. 

Yep, verified - you should be able to replicate it following the links below (I do my hair like the last video alllllll the time):